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Choosing Your New Home

The best start to finding your new home is right here on our website https://www.carotherstx.com.  Select your location and explore Carothers Executive Homes’ communities throughout the central Texas area.  You can view available floorplans, homes under construction and even move-in ready homes.

Once you’ve chosen your location, take a tour through our model homes, discuss your options with our new home sales representative and discover the stylish features and interiors that align with your lifestyle. Our team will help guide you through the initial decision-making process while offering you a wide array of services and resources.



Preparing to Purchase Your New Home

Before you make your decision, talk with your new home sales representative to get a general idea of the price point for your new home.  It’s a good idea to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan.  We can put you in touch with a mortgage consultant from our network of preferred lenders to discuss the loan types that are available to you.

When you ultimately find “the house” you’d like to call home you will review and sign a purchase contract as well as place your deposit. Once you’re in escrow your mortgage consultant will keep you informed and monitor the process every step of the way.

Finally, the time has come! You have picked your lot, found the perfect floorplan, and signed your name on the dotted line.  Congratulations!  Now we are ready for construction to begin.


Pre-Construction, Foundation, and Interiors

After your contract is signed, your building team at Carothers Executive Homes will begin preparing plans, engineering foundation designs, and getting regulatory approvals.  During this first 30-45 days, activity will be “behind the scenes” until we are released to begin by the banks and/or the city.  During this time, you will finalize exterior selections with your sales pro.  Once this is completed, we will begin the foundation phase.

Typically, the first significant construction activity of your home is the foundation. This process will take several days as we set forms, install plumbing and electrical in the slab, place cables, and pour.   All of which is inspected by our slab engineers to ensure the slab is built per design.


Framing/Roofing and Rough Mechanicals

This is one of the most exciting times in the construction process as your home will start to grow before your eyes. There is a lot of activity during this process as we install the structural framing members, windows, exterior sheathing, and roofing.  We encourage you to come out and take photos, but please be aware that this is a dangerous part of the construction. We recommend scheduling a time with your sales consultant to make sure the job is safe enough for a visit.

Once Framing is complete you will meet with your superintendent and sales representative to point out any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical changes you need.   This is your opportunity to meet the team and make sure we are all on the same page.   You will also have scheduled a meeting with our interiors team to start picking your interior colors and finishes.

All mechanicals, which include plumbing, heating, and cooling, any security wiring, etc. will be roughed in following the completion of the framing stage. During this time, you will meet with your building team and perform a Pre-Drywall Orientation and Electrical Walk.  This will be the last time changes can be made to the home.


Insulation, Drywall, Masonry, and Carpentry

Once all mechanical inspections are completed, we will insulate the exterior walls. Once the insulation is completed and inspected, if applicable, the drywall will be hung, and we will install any exterior masonry. This is when you’ll really start to picture yourself in your new home and how you will utilize the space.

During this phase, your trim molding and interior doors will be installed. We will also complete all other interior woodwork throughout your home, including cabinets, countertops, and vanities. Your walls, trim and any exterior painting will be prepped and then painted or stained with your selected colors.


Flooring, Counter Tops, and Final Touches

Getting closer!  During this phase, we begin installing your wet area, hard surface flooring, tub, and shower surround, and countertops.  Once those are completed, we will install light fixtures, faucets, and appliances.

Now that the inside is starting to button up, we will begin finishing the exterior of the home.  We will install the driveway and any “flatwork”, which usually means, sidewalks, parking areas, or uncovered patios.  Weather permitting, we will try to have all landscaping installed during this period.



Acceptance and Close

Once your home is nearing completion, you will meet with your building team who will introduce you to your new home and discuss how to operate and care for many of the components.  We will go through your home and make note of anything that needs attention before your closing is scheduled.  Once this is done, you can close, get the keys to your new home and start making memories!

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